The Connection Between Hemorrhoids & Bowel Movements

Hemorrhoids Bowel MovementsHemorrhoids, also known as ‘piles’ or ‘hemroids’, are basically enlarged veins in the anus which breach the anal wall.

These hemorrhoids inflict pain in the anus area, making it difficult to perform many activities such as running, cycling, and even sitting.

However, one activity many hemorrhoid sufferers really dread due the pain it can cause is having a bowel movement.

Hemorrhoids are formed due to a number of reasons such as dehydration, fiber deficiency, pregnancy, heavy-lifting, obesity, and a lot more. But the most common cause of this condition is constipation.

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Constipation makes it difficult for the anus to expel feces. The excessive absorption of water of the colon results to dry and hard feces, which in turn affects the contraction of the intestinal walls. To put it simply, constipation makes a long, hard, and painful bowel movement.

Trying to get your bowels to move during constipation is one thing; bowel movements in the presence of hemorrhoids are worse. Because the veins in the rectum or anus are swollen, having a bowel movement with hemorrhoids can prove to be such agonizing and dreadful task. Simply having a bowel movement may cause bleeding and prolonged irritation in the anal region.

Improper diet contributes to a strained bowel movement. If the diet consists of very low fiber, chances are, bowel movement would not only be slow and painful, but also nearly impossible. Although straining during bowel movements due to diarrhea or constipation is normal, constant straining at bowel movements may cause complications.

Straining during bowel movements in the presence of hemorrhoids may further aggravate the condition. This, if uncured can cause great damage to the anus and result to severe bleeding.

Nevertheless, there are certain measures that you can take to make your bowel movements less painful.

Instead of using dry tissue paper in cleaning your anus after each bowel movement, use moist toilet paper or wet wipes instead. To lessen the swelling, one can also use ice packs by placing it gently below the irritated area. If necessary, you can also resort to taking aspirins to relieve the pain.

But of course, the best remedy is still to cure the hemorrhoids completely and permanently. Even given the pain that hemorrhoids can inflict upon people, they are actually surprisingly easy to treat.

The key to curing hemorrhoids and finally avoiding the dreaded painful bowel movements is following a set of nutritional programs that would restore the digestive system to its normal state.

Taking on a healthy diet that is rich in fiber Water Helps Hemorrhoidsand water intake contributes to a balanced digestive function that is essential to a hemorrhoid-free body. The best treatment for hemorrhoids would always thus be one that incorporates proper diet and regular exercise. Practicing this healthy habit, coupled with proper hygiene, would free you from your hemorrhoids and the horrors of hemorrhoids bowel movements.

As a saying goes, “health is not simply the absence of sickness”. Keep your body healthy and avoid the pains of hemorrhoids before it’s too late.

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