Just How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last

If it is the first time that you experience having hemorrhoids, the initial step you are likely to do is look for ways to instantly cure the condition. And in anticipation to your full recovery, you would probably ask, ‘How long do hemorrhoids last?

There are numerous factors to be considered in answering this question. Usually, the duration of a bout of hemorrhoids depends on the number of times you have had the condition before. If it is your first time to experience having hemorrhoids, it would only take a few days for it to clear off.

For second timers, on the other hand, a little over three days would be enough for the hemorrhoids to cure. But for people who experience having hemorrhoids almost regularly, then the average period would be a little over a week.

Having discussed this, it is essential to stress the general importance of completely treating hemorrhoids in its early stages during the first occurrence as constant recurrence may continually prolong the period of removal of hemorrhoids through time.

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Another factor is the type as well as the severity of your hemorrhoid. Mild cases of hemorrhoids take only a few days to heal using natural means but severe hemorrhoids that require surgery can take more than a week to be completely wiped out.

The third factor that determines how long do hemorrhoids last is the kind of treatment that the patient undergoes. Applying natural cures for hemorrhoids are usually faster than undergoing ligation or surgery. Surgery requires ample period for healing tissues and veins that’s why it takes a few weeks to completely heal.

But perhaps the core answer to the question ‘how long do hemorrhoids last’ lies neither on the severity of hemorrhoids nor the treatment application but actually in the way patients take care of themselves.

The truth of the matter is, you don’t really have to apply a number of creams and ointments or undergo operation just to remove your hemorrhoids. The simplest way to treat hemorrhoids is in fact to take care of you by observing appropriate dietary habits and practicing proper hygiene.

When you instantly act upon the treatment of your hemorrhoids, then they may just be eliminated in no time at all. To ensure the hemorrhoids last the shortest possible time, you can employ some natural remedies that guarantee relief from pain and fast healing. These remedies include Sitz Baths, a Hemorrhoid cushion, over the counter pain medication, hot compresses, and a many more.

If you are really committed to completely removing your hemorrhoids and are willing to practice discipline to achieve such, elimination of your hemorrhoids may happen in a flash. Eating the right kind of food (those rich in fiber), increasing your water intake, exercising, and keeping a clean and healthy lifestyle is not just a step towards the removal of your hemorrhoids but also a step towards an incredibly fit and satisfying life.

So, with all things considered, we now ask, how long do hemorrhoids last? Well, the answer is, it’s really up to you.

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